6 BEST & Comfortable Outdoor Bicycle for Exercise in India 2023

Best Cycle for Fitness In India:- A study from NCBI (national center for Biotechnology information) around 135 million Indians is affected by obesity, which is a Prime reason for CVDs (Cardiovascular Diseases) and this was bound to happen because of the Stringent work-life people are experiencing in urban areas. Sitting in the car, then in your Office chair, and then again at home. There is Barely Any physical exercise.

If you tired of sitting at home on the exercise bike you bought? Many do like to just sit on their spinning bike to lose weight or to increase their quad muscle strength.

For exercise bikes, whether you are looking for the best Cycle for Fitness In India or for the best outdoor bicycle for exercise in India, it does not matter much. What matters is what you prefer.

Buying Guide To Get The Best Cycle for Fitness In India

What are the first things you should look for when you buy a bicycle for yourself? So that you can buy the Best Cycle for Fitness in India for yourself.

So let’s know all the things that you need to know before buying a new bicycle for yourself.

Keep this in mind before buying a bicycle for exercise

Price of cycle

If you have a spending plan under 5000 INR, at that point stay with conventional cycles as the best open-air cycle for practice in India. Try not to incline toward outfitted cycles that are of inferior quality if accessible under 5k. Ordinary city bicycles with fixed stuff are your companion here.
Above 5k you can pick outfitted bicycles, mid spending gear cycles work best in the city. For mountain or trail riding get something more legitimate and exorbitant

Body Weight (Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

If you are under 100kgs, then any bike be it carbon fiber, steel will all work. If you are above 120kgs then you have to search more and consult with bicycle makers and shop owners.

Bicycle frame (Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

A bicycle frame is an important structure of the whole cycle. It has to be durable, lightweight, and highly strong. Based on these criteria different materials are used to build bicycle frames. These are then chosen by regular and professional cyclists according to their needs.

  • Steel frame
  • Aluminum frame
  • Titanium frame
  • Carbon fiber frame

City street with flat roads (Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

If you live in a city and with general usages, you want to cycle for 10-29 km per day for workout or exercise purposes then a hybrid cycle would do. You will not even need a geared version if you are in for a workout and live in the city. This advice is my opinion and for people who live in flat ground areas and the city.

Hill Areas (Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

If you live in a hilly area – then it is unnecessary to get hybrid bikes with a single gear. It can work though but you will put unnecessary pressure on joints and muscles when going uphill. Geared cycles are better when utilizing most of your energy when going uphill and depending on your gear settings can help you go down the hill safer.

Mountain/ Jungle roads: Get fat tire outdoor cycles. Fat tires provide great grip and are built for these areas only. The fat tires do not work well in city streets.

Do you live in areas that have long open roads? Get a hybrid bike, even a gear bike if you can speed up.
Do live in areas where there are many turns, traffic, and not

Sure, What factors to consider before buying a bicycle?

Your needs and usage as a Cyclist:

This is the most important factor while deciding what type of bicycle you need. So spend some time jotting down what your objectives are. Mainly the usage can be divided into four major categories as below:

I will also suggest a bicycle type that is most suited for that requirement. The article will also discuss types of bicycles in detail later. (Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

Exercise or Casual rides near your home to remain fit – Ideally, buy a Hybrid bicycle.
Commuting to Work, School, or College – Hybrid Cycles, These bikes are lighter compared to MTBs and more comfortable compared to Road Bicycles.
Long-distance rides (Endurance or Race) -Road Bikes
Off-Roading / Riding on Trails etc – Mountain Bikes or MTBs

What’s the Type of Best Cycle for Fitness In India?

Here are three acceptable bike types for Fitness
Remaining fit as a fiddle isn’t simple, incompletely because it’s terrible. I disdain to go to the rec center.
I just truly appreciate practice that doesn’t feel like an errand; something that is exciting. I’m looking at climbing, swimming, and cycling.
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Bunches of individuals resort to treadmills and fixed bicycle coaches, to get some cardio at home. And keeping in mind that those are acceptable, reasonable thoughts, similarly they’re ailing for the sake of entertainment.
Outside cycling is a fabulous type of activity. It’s dynamic, it’s fun, and it’s free. However, when choosing what sort of bicycle to utilize, you should be specific.

These are the 3 most popular types of bicycles for exercise in the Indian market.

  1. The Road Bike
  2. The Recumbent
  3. The Mountain Bike

1) The Road Bike: Light and expedient

  • Street bikes are ideal for exercise since they empower execution. Most are light in weight, and they have meager tires that let you simply fly.
  • The equipping of a street bicycle is a major factor as well: with some donning as much as 30 cogwheels, you’ll generally have space to propel yourself. Changing your equipping can make even a basic ride on level streets a thrilling encounter.
  • In case you’re after an incredible street Bicycle For Exercise but on the other hand, you’re on a careful spending plan, the Raleigh Willard All-Road is an absurdly moderate passage point.
  • It doesn’t convey the extravagant segments that more costly models do, yet I urge you to consider it as a decent venturing-off point. It’s a sublime method to try things out.
  • The edge is 6061 aluminum amalgam, with a carbon fork, and it sports a Shimano Sora drivetrain with 18 rates, including incorporated brake shifters on the air bars.
  • In the event that your financial plan is greater and you’re searching for top-of-the-line execution, we composed an article on some extraordinary street bicycles in the $1000 territory.

2) The Recumbent: A pedal-controlled go-kart

  • Prostrate bicycles are an unfathomable rush. You’re low to the ground in a happy riding position, speeding across the landing area like a character from Mario Kart.
  • I frequently suggest recumbents as ideal bikes for exercise purposes since they are routed simpler on your joints. That implies you’re more averse to manage a throbbing painfulness, so you’ll have fewer reasons not to get out there and feel the consumption.
  • The way that Recumbent bicycles are the funniest things on two (or three) wheels is only a reward.
  • Prostrate bicycles are a smidgen all the more a strength thing, so I suggest you look at your neighborhood bicycle shop and give one a shot. It’s significant progress from standard cycling to supine.
  • To make the expectation to absorb information simpler, I’d start with a 3-wheeled supine just to consider making the plunge. All things considered, in case you’re prepared to take a plunge, this Performer prostrate bicycle is a two-wheeled assortment with bounty to like.
  • Double mechanical Avid circle brakes stop you truly well, and you’ll have an aggregate of 22 velocities to appreciate. This is a presentation arranged prostrate; you can hit some high speeds with the bigger 56t sprocket.

3) The Mountain Bike: Tackle slopes and trails

  • Trail-blazing2 bicycles are fabulous for exercise, fitness, and fun. That is because they permit you to go through rough terrain and truly burn some calories.
  • While street bicycles will, in general, be to a greater extent an unadulterated cardiovascular exercise, mountain riding will in general initiate a greater amount of your muscle gatherings, since you’ll be managing grades, decreases, and sometimes lifting your bike over a fallen tree or two.
  • With mountain riding, solidness and adaptability are vital, so search for an incredible casing with extensive suspension parts to streamline the knocks.
  • I like to suggest 29er bicycles for anybody intrigued by mountain riding. I locate the bigger 29-inch edges that let you turn over knocks and shakes and tree roots a lot simpler than models with more modest wheels.
  • Motobecane’s Fantom is an awesome off-road Bicycle For Exercise. With pressure-driven circle brakes and a gigantic Rockshox lockout front suspension fork, it’s worked to perform. Anticipate a fun, rough, and exact ride, and Motobecane is an incredible brand.
  • (The Fantom is incredible for trails, however in case you’re hoping to cross the day off, and mud, you may like fat bicycles more.)

Best outdoor Bicycle for Exercise in India

After a lot of searching, I found that these cycles are very good for exercise. For your convenience, I have told you about all these in detail. From here you can know about all the cycles and choose a good cycle for your exercise.

So let’s know about the features of all the cycles one by one.


  • Dual disc brakes
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • Fully fitted bicycle

29 Inch Crediu29 Inch Radius Circle It is very beautiful to look at, its color and design captivate the eyes at once. This drive is also very luxurious or comfortable.(Best Cycle for Fitness In India)

Its thick tires do not let you fall, with this you can keep yourself fit very easily. Its pedals perfectly support your feet in a comfortable journey so you don’t feel tired

Specifications of 29 INCH CRADIAC

Dual disc brakes, Suspension fork, Alloy stem, Free mudguard, and side stand
Fully fitted bicycle
MTB 29X2.1 nylon tires, double-wall alloy rim

Additional Features

SpokeED Black
HubsMega Hub


Height121 cm
Width24 cm
Depth190 cm
Weight17 kg

Warranty Summarynty

Domestic Warranty- 2 Year Warranty Summary- Two-year warranty for a frame for manufacturing defects


  • Ideal For: Boys/Men, Men/Women
  • Good for Long distance
  • good for Mountain areas


  • little bit high

Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle

  • Best Cycle for Fitness In India

Omobikes 1.0 is a 26T single-speed hybrid bicycle with V brakes from Indian manufacturer Omo Bikes, suitable for men, women, children, and adults.

With 100% Made-in-India components, this single-speed (gearless) bicycle has a high tensile strength anti-rust frame suitable for all types of Indian roads. The Model 1.0 features 26x 1.75-inch Nylon tires which are suitable for all types of Indian roads.

it is recommended to go for model 1.7
What we have listed next, Model 1.0 is the best option for those who want to start cycling after a long day. With minimal maintenance features, this bicycle is a great tool for your daily commute

Specifications of Omobikes 1.0

Additional Features
Rider Height5"3-5"10
Seatpost254 mm
CassetteSingle Speed
SpokeEd Black painted steel
HubsSteel Hub

Domestic Warranty– 2 Year (2 years on frame and fork)
Covered in Warranty – Frame and Fork
Warranty Service Type – OMO customer care 08047108792


Width18 cm
Height75 cm
Depth165 cm
Weight12.9 kg


  • lightweight & easy
  • easy to ride this bike
  • good for school/ college


  • Not comfortable for long-distance

Omobikes Model 1.7 Cross

  • good for a long drive
  • Best Cycle for Fitness In India

I was looking for a hybrid bike with version 1.7 for my fitness riding. Was a little apprehensive especially about ordering online on a bicycle of my choice, but I took advantage of it.

The bicycle arrived on the first day of the expected delivery date and was packed in a cardboard box with lots of hay. Started assembling the bike and it took about 1.5 hours to assemble it.
Took a test ride before fine-tuning and it looked smooth.

Comfortable for 6 feet height and 90+ kg weight. The good color quality of the frame. Provision of further disc brakes.
The best part is Made in India by entrepreneurs. Simple but elegant design. Best Cycle for Fitness In India

Warranty:- 2 years warranty on frame and fork


  • the finish is very stylish.
  • the cycle is very light
  • It comes with a lock, bell, and mudguards


  • don’t for more than 100kg

Firefox Bikes Flipflop 26T Hybrid Bike

  • Best Cycle for Fitness In India

Firefox is an Indian Bicycle Company that took the market by storm in 2005 with its range of imported bicycles. Firefox’s philosophy is to constantly improve the Indian cycling experience. Firefox has a complete range of bicycles for Kids and Adults.

This is best suited for any youth or adult who is 5 feet and above. This bicycle is ideal for riding in the city for commuting or fitness purposes.

Specifications of Firefox Bikes Flipflop 26T Hybrid

  • This Hybrid from Firefox comes with Rim Brakes which are connected to Alloy Brake Levers.
  • The Firefox Flip-Flop comes with 700 x 25c tires which are connected to Double Walled Alloy 32H Rims.
  • The Firefox Flip-Flop is a Hybrid Bicycle that has a Steel Hybrid Frame.
  • The Firefox Flip-Flop comes as a single-speed bicycle.


Tire Size26 inches
Frame Size 53 cm


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Min Rider Height 5 Feet


  • The customer needs to assemble it before use.
  • No Carrier

700C Hybrid Bicycle – CRADIAC Discover

  • 21 Gear
  • Only front Suspension

This bicycle comes 99% assembled and is easy to install at home. However, for the best experience and long-term use, kindly, visit your nearest bicycle store to get the gears setting and brakes checked before the first use. Consumers face gear issues if they are not assembled in the right way.

best for 15+ Age Group and deal For Men/Women, Boys/Girl
Gear Type: Easy Fire Shifters/Thumb Shifters
Front Brake: Disc Brake | Rear Brake: Disc Brake
Frame Material: Steel Cycle/Mild steel Cycle
Suspension: Only Front Suspension


Height121 cm
width27 cm
Weight17 kg
Depth190 cm

Warranty:- 2 Year frame


  • suitable for a six feet tall
  • suitable for 100 kg
  • mudflap side stand included
  • ride easy and fast
  • good Slim tire


  • non

Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T

  • Best Cycle for Fitness In India

If you are looking for a road-racing cycle for yourself, then this Hercules cycle is ideal for you. Its double alloy rims boast an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio. Moreover,

it comes with a Quick Release lever that allows you to adjust the height of the seat according to your convenience and comfort. Furthermore, its front, as well as rear reflectors, make riding it safe for you even when it is dark outside.

You all must know about the Hercules brand, it is one of the oldest and most trusted brands. You will get to see many types of models very easily.

This head is not only comfortable for fitness but you can also use it for long journeys. It is awesome to look at as well as walk

This Hercules cycle offers pedal stability with the help of its big foot platform. Moreover, it comes with wide cleats that enhance pedal contact. Furthermore, this cycle is ideal for recreational cycling and racing on roads.
The rims of this cycle offer an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Moreover, it boasts a modern box section design that makes it lightweight and sturdy.


  • Road + Mountain Bike
  • Mild steel Cycle
  • ‎Lightweight
  • Mountain Bar


  • only 85% assembled

Keep this in mind while enjoying the bicycle

The most important aspect to take care of during cycling is your health. It is important to take care of your back so that you enjoy a long session of cycling. Suspension plays a very important role in it. It prevents shocks to the body, especially the back during rough rides.

Considering the Indian roads, it is highly recommended that you buy a cycle with at least front suspension.

It is also important to note that when you apply brakes you are not toppled from the bike. This is also supported by the suspension. It helps in absorbing the pressure and enables effective breaking.

If you can invest in your health, we would strongly recommend that you buy a bike that has both rear and front suspension. This will help you with not just great rides but great health too.

We hope that you must have liked the collection of cycles because in this we have told about 3 types of cycles. You can easily choose a better cycle for your exercise. (Best outdoor Bicycle for Exercise in India)

Thank you…..

Do you know the difference between Treadmill and Cycling And which one is better for exercise?

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