New NASCAR Game set to be Released in 2023, NASCAR Ignition Expansion

The first game in Motorsports Games’ comprehensive plan for the future of NASCAR simulation games, NASCAR 21: Ignition, was released this past October. The new franchise’s debut game, however, did not fare well. The gaming press did not give NASCAR 21: Ignition very high marks, and our personal evaluations of it left us wanting much more. The following phases for Motorsports Games’ racing series have been laid out six months after the release of NASCAR 21.

Motorsports Games NASCAR brand manager Jay Pennell wrote to the NASCAR 21: Ignition community to explain what the publisher and developer intend to do moving forward with its NASCAR games license and NASCAR 21. The most recent patch for NASCAR 21: Ignition, which was supposed to solve the problem of people showing up behind cars in Career mode and enable cross-generation gaming, has been delayed, according to Pennell. The next patch will go live in June instead of April as originally planned.

Additionally, Pennell acknowledged the issues with NASCAR 21: Ignition and stated that the series needs a variety of adjustments moving ahead. But according to Pennell, the time and money required to implement those significant improvements cannot be done until 2022.

In September 2022, Motorsports Games intends to release a Season Expansion Pack on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. Among other things, the expansion will include the complete team and driver lineups for the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series, the 2022 schedule, three new next-generation vehicles, and aero packages. Between October and December 2022, three more DLC packs for the expansion will be made available. In the fall of 2022, a brand-new NASCAR video game for the Nintendo Switch will also be available.

According to Pennell, the following game won’t “inherit the tech debt of NASCAR 21: Ignition as its basis,” in terms of the future of succeeding titles. The work produced by Motorsports Games’ other products, such as rFactor 2, will be included in the upcoming NASCAR game, which will continue to run on the Unreal Engine. According to Pennell, the next Motorsports Games NASCAR game will be released in the middle of 2023.

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