The 5 Laziest Players in the NFL of All Time

When it comes to NFL players, it is not correct to assume that all players are hardworking and agile. There is no dearth of players in the history of the NFL who were extremely lazy as a result of which their careers were ruined.

So friends, today you will know about those of The 5 Laziest Players in the NFL of All Time who are at the top of laziness and behind in work.

Charles Rogers

In 2003, the Detroit Lions were one of the laziest men in NFL history. Rogers spent most of his rookie season before being suspended for drug abuse. And after just three seasons, he was released, with coach Rod Marinelli letting him go because of the receiver’s laziness. He was never signed for any team again.

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning were considered the top two quarterback prospects for the 1998 NFL Draft. The latter was first picked by the Indianapolis Colts. The Leafs then left for San Diego.

In the end, the Colts got a better quarterback. And Leaf struggled with substance abuse, which often resulted in him missing out on practice. He often got into disputes with the media and peers as well. During his time with the Chargers, he was released only three times, and by 2003, he had left the league.

Lawrence Phillips

The St. Louis Rams acquired a valuable weapon in running back Lawrence Phillips during the 1996 NFL Draft. Although Phillips was inconsistent on the field, he had his moments. He began to quickly drop problems off the field, during practice, and at team meetings. Despite several pleas from coach Dick Vermeil to pull his life together, he could not make it to the league until 1999 and was dropped.

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Vince Young

Vince Young’s career was very different. He was technically an active quarterback for over a decade and was even selected to the Pro Bowl more than once. And he failed to live up to his selection position and ended his playing days with more interceptions than touchdowns.

He lacked mental talent, but his physical talent was present. The team’s longtime coach, Jeff Fischer, regularly punished Young for violating team rules, such as skipping practice or having a bad attitude. His carelessness and lethargy forced him to leave Tennessee in 2011.

Mike Williams

He often appeared with Mike Williams as a potential star with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The organization-wide receiver was given a six-year, $40 million contract after his first three seasons were owed.

Williams suffered an injury which did not help the situation as his performance on the field was already deteriorating. As the injury worsened, he was traded a year after signing his important contract and was released by Buffalo the following year.

Wideout reportedly wasn’t serious about training in Tampa Bay and Buffalo or his profession, which was evident from his drug suspension shortly after his 2015 release.

We go wrong here to think that if a person is a player, then he will not feel lazy, because in the above article you have seen about the 5 laziest players in the NFL, which is a sample of sports laziness.

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