For the new 2023 Hornet, Dodge is taking a sporty approach and has now announced that it will offer a GLH option.

which also features various improvements to the SUV's performance. This moniker, which stands for "Goes Like Hell"

The Omni pays homage to the 1980s GLH sporty hatchback.

The Dodge Direct Connection components program will be used to sell dealer-installed improvements.

The Hornet GLH concept automobile is the one you can see here.

And this is to demonstrate what is possible if you mix all the goods.

An available 2.0-liter inline-four turbocharged engine for the Hornet GT

A suspension package that lowers the SUV by more than an inch is one of the GLH add-ons.

The GLH is included, along with an improved exhaust, 20-inch wheels, and several stripes.

How much more horsepower the exhaust system will add has not yet been disclosed by Logo Dodge.

However, a bit more power than the 265 hp of the regular vehicle is anticipated.