At first glance, some might notice the new Canyon's more hulking stance.

That's because every 2023 Canyon comes with a factory lift and off-road suspension package.

The base elevation, AT4 and Denali trims get 2 inches of lift,

While the 3-inch lift comes with the new AT4X (more on that later).

This wouldn't be a GMC if it didn't have a dangerous grille to go along with Canyon's more impressive stance.

A large straight grille along the X-wing sides draws the eye outwards and helps to illuminate standard LED lights.

There's even more drama in its hood and sides, with way more creases created in the sheet metal.

There is still some plastic for the wheel opening molding in which

An integrated light offering style and function to help drivers know

Every 2023 Valley will come in a crew cab and short-box configuration.