Josh McDaniels shows the history of running the Broncos

and running for Jay Cutler. Carr has three Pro Bowls to

his name and led the Raiders to the playoffs last season.

The Chubs' first four seasons have been plagued with injuries.

And a healthy season will go a long way in giving him a big salary.

Davenport has finally developed like the Saints expected,

recording nine sacks in just 11 games last season.

Still only 24, Edmonds has become an elite inside linebacker

with two Pro Bowls in his first four seasons and more than 100 tackles in each season.

He should be one of the highest-paid inside linebackers in the league with a good 2022.

The Ravens and Jackson have been negotiating a long-term contract for some time.

However, he is playing for even more money this season until he is signed again.