An 89-year-old grandmother was stabbed to death by a pit bull, according to Nevada police.

The Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) was first alerted to reports that

A woman was attacked by a dog in the 4100 block of Penwood Avenue at 9:45 am on Tuesday

According to Fox-affiliated KVVU-TV, the woman died soon after arriving at the property.

When police arrived, they found a dog in a nearby house and handed over the pet to animal control.

According to the network, the victim was identified as dementia sufferer Joan Caffil.

And was being watched by a caregiver when the dog attacked.

Cafeel's grandson Peyton Faircloth told KVVU-TV: "She called me and she was screaming."

He said the pit bull, Book, was a rescue dog and had not been aggressive in six years.

"That dog didn't have a bone in its body, that dog slept with us every night and he loved Grandma."