Eagles WR Defended Jalen Harts Earlier This Summer, Now It's Darius Slay

AJ Brown has said that he generally prefers to let his game do the talking on the field.

He hasn't been out of character several times during United practice,

most notably against Brown last week when he made a competitive catch

against Greedy Williams. He said during those joint exercises,

"I got out of character because I don't talk much here, I just play my game.

Even though he may not always get taunted on the field, social media is a different story for him.

He defended his friend and quarterback Jalen Hurts when it was reported in July

that Hurts was terrible in a 10-play series during a springtime OTA.

After the first day of joint practice against the Dolphins,

Brown was on Twitter again, this time defending cornerback Darius Slay.