Alec Baldwin Blames Assistant Director and Props Manager for Rust Shooting

Actor and director Alec Baldwin has said that his film Rust's assistant director

And Props Manager during filming in New Mexico last year

Cinematographer Halyana was responsible for Hutchins' on-set death.

Facing trial from Hutchins' family, Baldwin gave a rare interview Friday

In which he insisted that he should not be blamed for the October 2021 death,

He was hitting Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza, despite being shot with a gun.

"Someone put a live bullet in the gun, who should have known better,"

Baldwin told CNN, referring to Rust's armor and props manager, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid.

"That was his job. His job was to look for ammunition and dummy rounds."

Or put in a blank round, and there should not have been a live round on the set.

Baldwin, who said that "not a day goes by" when he does not think of Hutchins' death,

He also accused assistant director David Hall, who handed him the weapon.