The Classic's full halftime last Sunday included Boca's trainee against Racing.

Dario Benedetto and Carlos Zambrano proceeded to add chapters after the scandal in which they were involved.

Sanctions for both players were announced on Tuesday, when Juan Roman Riquelme spoke publicly.

Marcelo Valeri, the striker's representative, had just joined Crossfire and he had a moving message.

Bocha Valerie posted the following on his social network in reference to the vast number of Benedetto in Boca

"105 games, 57 goals, four titles," and the phrase "Tell them what they want (QLCCQ)" were followed by a stick.

It's important to keep in mind that following his battle with the Zambrano, Benedetto

Additionally, the Peruvian was suspended by the team and was unable to participate in the following two Boca matches.

On Wednesday in Bombonera and on Sunday in Florencio Varela, there will be justice served for and against Rosario Central.

Theoretically, Pippa and Caesars would be replaced by Luis Vazquez and Facundo Roncaglia.

Additionally, Hey Ibarra performed a test with Cristian Medina, who gave a fantastic rendition of the song,

And given that Nicolas Figel is overworked and untrustworthy, Agustin Sandez might have joined the defence.