The Boston Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals in Game 4 by extending the Miami Heat.

It was clear in Game 4 what kind of night it would be for the Miami Heat.

The Heat did not score a field goal beyond the midpoint of the first quarter.

Following their performance in Game 3), the Boston Celtics made a rapid start,

The Celtics leveled the Eastern Conference Finals 2-2 with a 20-point victory.

It will now be a best-of-three series along the lines of the Heat and the Celtics to travel to the NBA Finals.

There is a lot on the line for both teams, entering a crucial Game 5. for heat,

Less than the NBA Finals would force this team to go to the office.

PJ Tucker, Kyle Lowry, and Jimmy Butler are all major crewmembers of this corps that's not any smaller.

For the Celtics, some of the same narrative could follow if they lost to the Heat.

It is the fourth time in the past six years that the Celtics have made it to the conference finals.

So as the series gets back to Miami, the next 2-3 games have a lot in store for both teams.