At General Motors' Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township

A 49-year-old Pontiac man died after the fight,

A 48-year-old male colleague of the sheriff's office is in custody.

In the release, Oakland County Sheriff's Communications Officer Steve Huber said that

Detectives will present the case to prosecutors on Friday for possible murder charges.

Also, the release said that the suspect's hometown address is not known.

But the victim worked at the plant for almost seven months.

The detective suggested withholding the name of the victim till positive identification.

GM confirmed that the plant was closed Thursday for investigations.

All GM factories have safety. The fight in this case took place during the off-production hours.

The Sheriff's Office confirmed that both men were hired by the GM.

GM hires vendors to do such work, as well as some maintenance in assembly and delivery of parts.

Huber said earlier on Thursday that "there was an altercation and we have detectives at the scene.

It happened at 1:37 am and there was no risk to the public."

Deputies arrived to find the victim "unconscious and bleeding."

He said that CPR was done but the deputy could not revive him.

"He was declared brought dead on the spot," the release said.