When the NFL reported that they would suspend Deshan Watson for 11 games in the upcoming season,

So many thought the Cleveland Browns would trade the San Francisco 49ers for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, according to reports, Brown is not interested in a deal.

"They believe in Jacobi Brissette," Jones said of Brown. "...they wouldn't trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

They are unwilling to trade it for his salary cap number, which is approximately $24 million.

Everyone in the NFL is waiting to bite Jimmy Garoppolo on the San Francisco 49ers,

And then there could be a kind of feeding frenzy over Garoppolo.

Brissette has good experience starting with the Miami Dolphins last season,

The window for doing business at Garoppolo seems to be closing even before the season even begins.

If they start slow and won't get through, Brown could get himself in trouble.