NFL teams were required to bring a maximum of 90 players from their training camp to 85.

Kick returner Jackiem Grant Sr. on August 10 without any roster change

The roster was already one player short due to the injury being placed on reserve.

Starter Nick Harris lost in the preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night.

Four days later, seventh-round draft pick Dawson Deaton suffered a torn ACL.

Today, both the players were added to the IR which made two fewer decisions for the coaching staff.

Defensive tackle Sheldon Day, offensive tackle Eliza Nkansah and wide receiver Derrick Dillon were involved.

Harris was backup center last year and when Cleveland was due for his $8.2 million contract.

A starter in March and eight-year veteran J.C. His injury required a kart to take him off the field.

He had an MRI the next day and it was decided to have knee surgery at the end of the season.

Deaton was injured by a torn ACL during a practice session on Monday

And they were taken off the field. He was dropped for the season on the same day.

However, on 26 July Day was placed on the active/non-football injury list with a back injury.

Dey was the only veteran in the defensive tackle group and was expected to play a key role this year.