Cadex Launches 50 Lightweight Ultra Disc Wheelsets

The brand's latest high end wheelset adopts hookless rims and a redesigned aero hub

Which promises up to 30% reduction in power loss.

Cadex has established itself as a wheel brand in just a few years

Creating lightweight, aero wheels with an instantly recognizable carbon-spoke design.

Which will reduce the damage caused by the tires and reduce the weight and improve the hub efficiency

Each component of the 50 Ultra Disc Wheels is built to go together

From the rims to the hub and even the bladed carbon spokes that bind them together.

By designing every part of the wheels, instead of just the rims, or just the rims and hub, Cadex says that

It has more control over the final product, and provides better ride quality

and provides greater control over factors such as aerodynamics and weight.