Watt skipped Sunday's preseason finale with a knee injury from a low block.

After the Steelers defensive end, T.J. With Watt ruled out of the

Lions president finale with a knee injury, his teammate Cam Hayward is calling for

a change in league rules on a low block by an offensive lineman.

While Hayward admitted that the Lions' block did T.J. Hkkensen was legal,

he thought the league should address the rules on fewer blocks that are long overdue.

Watt's injury on the block from Hockenson was similar to the block that Giants defensive

and Kyvan Thibodaux took from tight end Thaddeus Moss of Bengals last week.

Thibodaux injured his meniscus at play and will be out for 3-4 weeks.

The team has yet to release an official statement on the knee injury,

despite Tomlin's comments at a postgame press conference.

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