As a result of injuries to Michael Gallup and James Washington

The Dallas Cowboys would start with a decreased core of wide receivers,

Which gave Antonio Brown the opportunity to drag him into negotiations for reinforcements.

However, the franchise has stated through its owner that it is not interesting.

In an interview for TMZ Sports, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thanked Abby for her interest,

But he turned down the possibility of signing the former Steelers man.

"We're good," Jones said, "but, we want to give these young guys a chance to make this team."

A few days ago, Antonio Brown was questioned about a possible return to the league.

Central Michigan replied: "Tell Jerry Jones to call me."

Due to the loss to Gallup and Washington, the Cowboys will enter the 2022 season,

Brown's statements run contrary to his previous comments on his intention to play in 2022.

In May, during a football broadcast, AB refused to watch the next season.

"Don't be fooled by expecting me to play," he said.

Nonetheless, Brown has remained vague in his opinion to this day.