As the NBA off-season gets underway, players are working on themselves ahead of training camp.

While many players are piloting their own off-season workout regimens,

Others play at various Pro-Am events across the country that take place every summer.

This weekend, Isaiah Thomas hosted the seventh-annual "zeke-and" Pro-Am tournament in Washington.

The event attracted many NBA players, including newly acquired Hawks guard DeJonte Murray,

Also included was magic rookie Paolo Banchero.

After going up against Murray over the weekend, Banchero may be wishing he didn't tie him up in Tacoma.

Murray embarrassed the Magic Rookie, going up and down on the banchero, throwing himself an alley-up off the backboard,

And then there was the dunk on the top pick of 2022. the dead got back on their feet

And he made sure to tell Banchero what he had just done to her.