Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshan Watson apologized to the women for the first time

who had accused her of sexual misconduct during a massage session in an interview?

During an in-house interview at Brown's pregame show, Watson said,

"I want to say that I am truly sorry for all the women affected."

The interview took place before the President's opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars,

Watson told reporters since joining the Browns from the Houston Texans that

He had "no regrets" about any of his actions during the massage session.

In his second interview, Watson reiterated that he has no regrets about his actions.

Although he admitted that he expressed regret for the impact of the allegations on those around him.

On Brown's pregame show, he said, "The decisions I've made in my life have put me in this position,

I'd definitely like to come back, but I want to keep moving and moving.