Huntley is fighting for playtime and roster spots.

The Atlanta Falcons celebrate a now-two-score lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They now lead 21-12 in the middle of the third quarter, thanks to an 8-play, 90-yard drive.

Primary race on Huntley Drive was moving the ball four times

for three yards, but one of those yards ended in the end zone.

The primary bulk of the drive's yardage came from

three big throws from rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder.

Two plays after Berryhill's catch, Ridder held Anthony Firkser to the Falcons

at the 1-yard line for a 21-yard advantage. Unfortunately,

Firkser suffered a lower leg injury and was taken off the field.

Huntley's touchdown and today's game prove that the Falcons are heavy on him.