The Major League Baseball Players Association and Fernando Tatis Jr. issued a joint statement

In which a San Diego Padres player announced that he had violated the league's anti-doping policy without knowing it,

Used a prohibited substance, for which he has been suspended 80 games without pay.

"Major League Baseball has informed me that the test performed on me gave a positive result.

The decision communicated by MLB will be effective this Friday

and the 23-year-old Dominican baseball player for the 2022 season

And 2023 will miss the first 42 challenges of the campaign.

This is a stain that he will not be able to remove from his youth sports career.

In his defense, he said, I had inadvertently used a drug to treat shingles that contained Clostebol.

I should have used the resources at my disposal to make sure

That the material I used did not contain any prohibited substances. I failed to do so."