Jeremy from Calderon joins me to review our win at Wanda

Thanks to Jeremy for joining me—and yes, for celebrating my victory.

Opened the bottle of bubbly (in this case some sparkling Basque cider).

We talk about strategy, players who impressed us,

Where Atletico needs attention, and of course all of the match

Talking Points. Save that roulette, OMG.

Villarreal has won two out of two for the first time

On his return won against Almería and Real Valladolid to open his season.

First win against Atleti at our ground since March 2018,

A 1–0 win over Vicente Calderon, at Atleti's ground, for the first time since April 2017.

And Unai Emery led a team to victory against Diego Simeone for the first time.