The retail earnings season continues with gains in the second quarter.

The price action after Surprise to Upside makes it the premarket prep stock of the day.

Foot Locker Sprint Off July Low: Foot Locker Closes to S&P 500 Index

A month later on July 14, it went down to $23.14.

This is the lowest level in the issue since May 2020, when it hit a low of $21.94.

The stock closed a six-day winning streak based on Wednesday's closing,

When this session ended at $32.45. The high for a rebound was formed the day before at $33.20.

Foot Locker's mixed Q2 report: Ahead of the opening, the company raised $1.10

Reported second-quarter EPS, which beat analysts' 80 cents.

The second quarter of the fiscal year 2012 saw sales decline 9.2% year-on-year to $2.065 billion,

Which was missing the consensus estimate of $2.07 billion.

Foot Locker saw a 10.3% decrease in comparable store sales compared to last year.