Brian Dabol is returning to his roots as the head coach of the New York Giants in his first preseason game.

In 2000, Dabol joined the New England Patriots as a defensive assistant to start his professional coaching career.

Tonight, when he will captain the Giants against the Pats, his journey will come full circle.

According to Newsday, he claimed, "My wife brought it to me over the previous few days."

"Oh sure, that's terrific, I thought. With whomever we are having fun,

Although it feels like a complete circle after 22 years, I'm still delighted.

The team who gave me my first opportunity will be my opponent in my opening game."

Dabol claimed to recall each of his memorable contests,

He guided the 49ers to a Hall of Fame game for the first time in 2000 while playing for the Patriots.

He will take his place tonight in his debut game as an additional head coach.

I've entered the field as head coach for the first time, he acknowledged.

"Thank you for that. I'm sure I'll experience it eventually.

Warm-up, national anthem—I'm not sure. However, I'm doing the best effort I can.