Beyoncé opted for a renaissance fall of her traditional wonder,

But he still had a big bang for fans.

Last week, they unveiled an exclusive remix of "Break My Soul",

Including interpolations of Madonna's famous "Vogue". While Beyoncé sings at the opening of the track

"I, the mother of my house, vow to keep my mouth to myself," we all know by now

Madonna could never promise that. The queen of pop doesn't hold tongues and fake affection,

And she certainly doesn't trust her legacy to anyone.

Allowing another singer to reinterpret a certain song of his is a major gesture of respect.

After the release, Madonna shared photos of the flowers and notes sent by Beyoncé on Instagram.

"You're a masterpiece genius. Thank you for allowing me to sing in your song.

Although the pair did not show their relationship in public often,

But in fact Madonna and Beyoncé have a long history of both friendship and mutual respect.