Drummond Greene says new magician big man Taj Gibson has always had his number

Green was asked by a fan on his podcast 'The Draymond Green Show'

For which non-superstar NBA players give him the most trouble.

Green says it is Gibson and has been like that for many years.

Certainly, Gibson has played some big games unlike Green while playing the Warriors.

While his scoring average against Green (9.5 ppg) is not much different from his career average (9.0 ppg),

He has scored 15 or more points three times and has double-digit rebounds four times.

Gibson's biggest game against Green was on 6 February 2014 when he was playing for the Bulls.

In 2017, he had 15 points and nine rebounds and another 14 points and seven rebounds.

In 2018, he scored 12 points and 10 rebounds in one game and then 11 points and 13 boards in a separate match.

The last time they played, on 23 February 2021, Gibson conceded eight points and 11 rebounds to Greene,

In fact, Green has won 12 of his 17 meetings over the years

It's all worth keeping in mind when Wizards takes on the role of Warriors in this upcoming season

Now that Gibson is in Washington. They will play each other a total of four times

Because both teams play a pair of pre-season games in Japan before starting the regular season.