Many celebrities prefer to take their tales into their own hands because celebrity news is sometimes distant from the truth.

Janet McCurdy, a former child star who became famous thanks to the Nickelodeon program "iCarly," can attest to this.

However, she is revealing what early show business was actually like in her new biography.

The memoir, with the provocative title "I'm Glad My Mom Dead," chronicles her years of overcoming trauma.

He undoubtedly discloses the horrifying truth about his mother's abuse,

who perished in 2013? The memoir, however, also discusses everything from the negative aspects of early popularity,

He acquired eating issues, it's against the law for a child to have sex while watching "iCarly,"

The reasons why she finally gave up acting, as well as the jealously she had for Ariana Grande on "Sam & Cat."

It's an experience that Nickelodeon likely never intended to air.

Since the network, according to McCurdy, "never talked to him publicly about his time at Nickelodeon,"

Fortunately, he declined the $300,000 offer all those years ago.

Writing a memoir may be an emotional and enlightening process, but it can also spark debate over the truth of what transpired.