LeBron James has agreed on a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension

Including a player option for the 2024–25 season.

That includes a 15% trade kicker, making James the highest-paid player in NBA history.

Which has guaranteed a $532 million career, surpassing Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

James is ineligible for a no-trade clause because he agreed to an extension

But the new contract has a starting salary of $46.7 million, 15% of trade kickers and

James' stature as one of history's greats makes him a taker for as long as he chooses.

James was entering the final season of his contract (worth $44.5 million)

The All-Star joined Anthony Davis with the potential to become a free agent in two seasons.

With the deal, the four-time NBA champion and MVP and 18-time All-Star put an end to this concern.

James is ineligible to trade during the upcoming 2022-23 season as the second year exceeds 5% growth.

The Lakers Could Have North Of $20 Million In Salary-Cap Space In The 2023 Offseason

And the 2024 off-season will have the ability to sign a third maximum contract player.

Player options increase the pay-cap space if players decline them, and still hold on to new deals.