Outstanding linebacker Manti Teo, a senior at Notre Dame, ten years ago

There is a new Netflix documentary on the intriguingly strange catfishing incident.

NFL unsigned free agent T'O told TODAY on CBS Mornings.

"Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist" was the topic of discussion.

Te'o was a cornerstone of an excellent defensive unit in 2012 and a finalist for the Heisman and the Butkus Awards.

It took the Fighting Irish all the way to the BCS championship game.

He discussed the death of his partner, Stanford student Lenay Kekua, in interviews.

Joe lost perished from leukemia around the time T'O's grandmother died.

He oddly claimed he had never met Kekua in person. but only communicated online with him.

She turned out to be entirely made up.

While representing Kekua, Ronaya the "new" Tuiasopo talked with Teo.