Marathoner with rare ability to be run continuously by coyote during a 150-mile run

An ultramarathoner with a rare genetic condition that allowed her to run nonstop

Which was attacked by a coyote during a trail race through the woods.

Dean Karnage, 59, was completing a 150-mile run in Marin Headlands, California, north of San Francisco.

The attack took place on 13 August. Karnazes said, laughing in pain. 'It overtook me.

Thankfully, I am running away with sticks, so I hit him and he runs away.

Karnazes can be seen on his face covered in blood and with a large wound down his mouth.

He said, I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I guess I have to keep going

Later, Karnazes posted on Instagram that Coyote 'won the battle'.

He also shared the bloody video on Twitter.

I've been attacked by a shark and now a coyote,' he wrote. 'Both incidents were terrifying.'

Karnazes said he believes coyotes have become a bigger problem because of human contact.

He wrote in an Instagram post, 'First time I see people feeding wild coyotes in the Marin Headlands.