McDonald's staple food, breakfast food and McFlurry ice cream are among the items that will increase in price.

Fast food chain McDonald's confirmed that the price of its cheeseburger will rise from 99p to £1.19 for the first time in 14 years.

The restaurant group is increasing its menu prices by up to 20p due to the rising effects of inflation.

The cost of other items will increase by varying amounts, between 10p and 20p depending on the items affected by inflation.

Exactly how much prices will increase, and which items will be affected, has not been confirmed,

Because each McDonald's branch is free to set its own prices under the franchise agreements.

A McDonald's spokesperson confirmed that the cheeseburger will go up a certain amount across the board,

However, it is included in the series' "Saver Menu", which is consistent across all locations.

It said the increased cost of food and energy pressured its franchisees to increase prices.

McDonald's UK and Ireland Chief Executive Alistair Macro said: "We are going through incredibly challenging times