Now fans of Business in the Front, the Party in Back hairdo has this year's

Here's your chance to vote on your favorite styles at the USA Mullet Championships.

The finalists were selected in the children's and teen categories earlier this week

And it's up to the online voters to decide whether

Who wins the dubious honor of champion mullet-head ahead of Friday's elections?

According to the organizers, the competition will be held in Michigan in 2020 with a local

It has grown from a competition to a national festival of flamboyant and questionable taste.

This year's contestants are endorsing the full spectrum of haircuts, from patriotic vibes to infamous,

Which features a cropped American flag in a classy Mozart-Esque flowing curly locks look.

Contestants pay $10 to enter and CBS reports

That "all donations are going to the Michigan Wig Foundation for Kids.

Each first-place winner receives a $2,500 prize.