Mike Muscala signs a new $7 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

With this in mind, there is already speculation that rival teams are interested in trading for him.

Given that they have just signed a new deal, Masala cannot be traded until December 15th,

Which is around the halfway point in the upcoming season.

However, Sean Deveney of Heavy recently informed about this.

Of course, that doesn't mean the Celtics are explicitly inquiring about Masala.

But it's worth noting that there is at least one figure in the league that he would be a good fit in Boston.

Muscala would be great for almost any team that made the playoffs,

Because he was one of the top 3-point shooting bigs in the NBA last season.

He converted nearly 43% of his triples and also posted excellent on/off numbers on a rebuilt Thunder team.

For Boston in particular, this type of move makes a lot of sense.

Muscala won't be carrying a heavy load of assets to acquire and is on a cheap deal.

Additionally, he is acquainted with Al Horford from the season he spent at OKC.