UNCW with a 2-0 win over Queens at Dixon Field on Thursday evening

Defenders Chloe Mills to start women's football season

And used two goals from the second half by Talia Paras.

The Seahawks improved to 1–0 in the youth season with a shutout win.

The Royals, who made their NCAA Division I debut, fell 0–1.

Mills scored the first goal of the season in the 50th minute by redshirt junior Hannah Arostegui.

The Raleigh, NC, native held the ball perfectly in front of the left post,

Joe Mills, who played a team-high 85 minutes, booted for a final game-winning score.

The Seahawks added an insurance goal in the 72nd minute when Redshirt junior Grace Guler

Launched a ball into a crowded box. Standing on the edge of the right post,

Paras took the leap and headed towards his sixth career goal to keep the competition on the ice.

Goalkeepers Blair Barefoot and Hanna Wise each posted 

A pointless half for the Seahawks in which Wise started.

The Seahawks continue their three-game road swing at No. 10 North Carolina on Sunday.

A kick-off from Dorrance Field will take place at 1 pm.