The 2022 NFL season is almost upon the fans. 

The Los Angeles Rams are looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions,

but there's no guarantee they'll win the championship again.

In fact, there is no guarantee that they will be

as good as they were. This is a new beginning of every new year.

For some players, that fresh start can be a bad thing.

It was the same in the 2010s. Every year, there was at least one player

who played below expectations and was very disappointed with his on- or off-the-field performances.

The Most Disappointing NFL Player Each Season Of The 2010s

2010: Jimmy Clausen 2011: Matt Cassel 2012: Jake Locker 2013: Trent Richardson 2014: Johnny Manziel

2015: Dwayne Bowe 2016: Brock Osweiler 2017: Eddie Lacy 2018: Sam Bradford 2019: Le'Veon Bell