The most recent incident happened this week during the Richmond Race at the resumption of the final stage.

Chastain (1) was attempting to stay clear of the 42 car as the vehicles began a three-way turn (Tie Dillon),

And when he did so, Kyle Busch's (18) rear-left was cut into, resulting in a collision between the two vehicles. spin.

Bush, who finished eighth, used Chastain as a verb to express his disappointment after the race.

Bush stated: "We appeared to be in good shape and were traveling in a nice direction.

We're driving our M&M-filled Toyota Camry through the field.

And this week, we got Chastain." This week, we were his victims.

Although there is some disagreement over who is to blame for the most recent accident,

It is evident that the drivers are not giving Chastain a second chance.

Chris Gabehart, the crew chief for Denny Hamlin, is heard over the radio mockingly saying,

Ross Chastain brings you the most recent Caution.

Kyle Busch shoots Ross Chastain After Race