Rangers have experienced two completely different series after this season.

From overcoming a fast Penguins team's explosive offense to defense-focused high-scoring first-round matchups

With the Hurricanes now in this second round of the series, the Rangers are capable of favoring the opponents for the most part.

However, one major similarity between Penguin and Hurricane is that they are both high-volume shooting clubs.

During the Penguins sixth (34.7) and ninth (34.1), both teams finished in the top 10 in the NHL in shots per game.

Rangers have had to play each team differently to match their strengths, and they have done it very well so far

Carolina made a steal in overtime in Game 1 after being outplayed for the majority of the game.

Rangers broke through on the power play and got an insurance tally from Chris Crader to take Game 3.

So have the Rangers found a balance between sound defensive hockey and opening things up for themselves on the offensive?

“So it was not like playing defensive hockey like us. This was not a big difference in scoring opportunities in both games. ,

If the Rangers Hurricanes can keep up with the team's game, it could prove to be the difference in this series.

But if the top six and the rest of their offense go cold like it did in Game 2.

If their defensive structure falls apart as it did at the end of Game 1, the Rangers would not be able to engage Carolina.