NFL World Responds to Heavy Fine for Cowboys Player

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Dante Fowler gets an unnecessary

A fine of $10,609 has been imposed for the roughness penalty,

Who had benched him during his team's presidential opener last week?

A penalty was called after Fowler pushed an opposing player off the pile after the whistle.

"It's a disciplinary penalty," said head coach Mike McCarthy.

"Frankly, so Dante was done for the night after that. We can't have that."

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to the sentence.

One fan said, "You kidding me? All football fans should be worried about

Fowler received the same fine as Jets linebacker Quincy Williams,

Which was given to Jalen Harts during last week's preseason opener.

Unnecessarily harsh punishment was called for after being thrown out of bounds.

Fowler agreed to a one-year contract with the Cowboys earlier this offseason.