Instagram model with OnlyFans and who tragically killed her lover

The 26-year-old Courtney Cleone was detained in Hawaii, according to the Miami Herald.

Christian Obumaselli, 27, was slain by Kleinie in an altercation at a Miami condominium in April.

Cleinie was the subject of an investigation by police that lasted four months.

Kleinie was put on a mental health hold after being stabbed.

With 2 million Instagram followers under the name Courtney Taylor, this model is well-known online.

After the stabbing, interviews with friends revealed that Kleinie and Obumaselli regularly fought.

Cleese also asserts that he killed Christian Obumcelli out of self-defense.

In the upcoming days, Claney is anticipated to be extradited to Miami-Dade County.

Additionally, officials said that they will provide specifics of the case during a Thursday press conference.