During the opening of the Commissioner's Cup on 21 September

The PBA will welcome the visiting Bay Area Dragons from Hong Kong.

This will be the first time the PBA has had an invitational tournament since the 2003 Invitational Tournament.

There will be an overseas team competing in Asia's leading professional league

When KK Novissad of Yugoslavia and Yonsei University of South Korea joined as guest teams.

The participation of the dragons brought back memories of that time.

When in PBA an invitational tournament has become a regular thing.

In 1977, Toyota became the first team to win an invitational tournament

Which defeated the Amtex Sacronel Brazil and was created by future Hall of Famer Oscar Schmidt.

On this day, August 16, 1980, the PBA held its second invitational tournament

Where the visiting team of America and Adidas France joined Nicolas Studley

Toyota Tamaro, U/Tex Wranglers and Walk Tall Jeansmakers (Crispa).

Nicholas Studley was flanked by former PBA imports Larry Pounds and Kenny Tyler, and Ron Richardson.