Humble Emma Radukanu Pays Tribute To Serena Williams 'Greatest Of All Time

Radukanu needed an hour and five minutes to beat Williams in Ohio on Tuesday night.

Radukanu hit 14 winners and made just one unforced error to beat Williams 6-4, 6-0.

'I didn't really know that statue,' Radukanu later said. 'I think I played a really good match

But to play Serena, I was nervous from the first issue to the last.

'Maybe it didn't seem like it, but when you're playing a champion like him

So you never know when she will kick you off the court and fight

You disappointed a little and she came back, I was 4-1 in the first set and then I broke

And the crowd joined in, but it was amazing to share the court with such a legend.

Radukanu's victory has boosted his confidence at a crucial time

Because he is less than two weeks away from his US Open defense.