New crime Josh McDaniels is brought to the desert as Sunday afternoon rolls on.

The Las Vegas Raiders defeated the Minnesota Vikings 26-20 in the 2022 Precision Game of Action.

Several Raiders new players were inside their new home stadium on Sunday

And there was a crowd around them. that filled him with energy

Coach McDaniel was also among them at that time.

McDaniels said Postgame, "I've been around a lot of pre-season games over the 22 years,

"All I would say is welcome our fans, Raider Nation the way you see them now,

It's the best atmosphere of a preseason game I've ever been a part of.

"I can't wait to play here one more time and then get into the regular season

And I can get a chance to do it realistically in regular sports."

The Raiders' victory was driven by the success of the offense.