Elijah Mitchell Suffers from San Francisco 49ers Hamstring Injury

Will miss Friday's presidential opener against Green Bay Packers due to an injury

Elijah Mitchell could miss all three of the team's presidential games due to the injury.

Niners coach Kyle Shanahan says Mitchell is battling a hamstring injury

After the win against the Packers, he also won't play against the Minnesota Vikings next week.

The same goes for cornerback Charvarius Ward, who is also battling a strained hamstring.

"They both had soft tissue injuries," Shanahan said. "They won't be available next week.

Mitchell and Ward are expected to prepare to bat against the Chicago Bears.

During the first two weeks of the camp, Francisco had resumed his role at the start.

With Mitchell out, the 49ers will turn to a group that

Including Trey Saruman, rookie Tyrion Davis-Price, and Jamie Michael Hesty.