Mike Tomlin compares rookie Mark Robinson to Vince Williams

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin sees some thumpers in Mark Robinson.

If there was any doubt that Mark Robinson was comfortable enough

with hitting to play linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers,

he has been put to bed comfortably after hitting a few painful

and critical hits in each of the first two Presidents' games of the season.

Robinson was one of the heroes of the opener.

Within the final two minutes of the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks,

he came off the right edge unscathed and sacked a brutal bar on unsuspecting Drew Locke.

The Steelers corrected the rumble and Kenny Pickett took a small field offense for

the game-winning score. Last weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars,

he made another highlight reel tackle to limit Tim Jones to a small advantage.