Seahawks lose preseason game with a brutal injury to offensive lineman

During the second game of the season for the Seattle Seahawks,

Starting guard Damien Lewis walked down with an injury, an unfortunate sight

One of Precision's goals is to make it healthier with each sport.

No NFL team wants to see any player on the roster get injured.

But this is true as it deals with the limited number of snaps that play in the beginning.

One of the potential starters on the line and quarterback, Geno Smith, was on the field for Seattle.

After an offensive game, center Austin Blyth immediately looked at his teammate,

They Started left guard Damien Lewis and called on the coaches and coaches to come onto the field.

It was a bit scary because Lewis had some sort of injury to his leg.

He was soon put into an air cast before helping out in the car and out for the game.

Damien Lewis Injury Requires Aircast, CART in Preseason Game vs Bears

It's The Last Thing Anyone Wants To See In Any Of These Precision Games,

But losing Lewis is particularly troublesome for the Seahawks.