Shaquille O'Neal played for 6 different teams with dozens

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of different teammates during his illustrious NBA career.

So Shaq had plenty of men to choose from when asked on

a recent episode of "The Big Podcast," the worst mate ever.

O'Neill's thoughts, however, immediately turned to the unlikely Hall of Fame player,

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with whom he had a frontcourt partnership in Los Angeles during the 1998–99 strike-shortened season.

Dennis Rodman" replied Shaq. He was a brilliant player, but he made things difficult.

Shaq will go into more detail about "The Worm's" problematic conduct,

including his actions before and after the game.He arrived 15 minutes before the game

& was eating chicken and rice, so we had to arrive an hour before the game, according to Shaq.

"After the game, he doesn't shower and stays in a club with the girls.