Police said there was gunfire early on Thursday morning outside a gym.

Three people were hurt, and one person died.

Around 1:55 in the morning, the police were summoned to a 24-hour fitness facility in the 5900 block of Lone Tree Way.

Adult was declared dead at the scene, according to Lieutenant Walter O'Grodnick of the Brentwood Police Department.

The other three individuals used their own transportation to get to the hospitals.

O'Grodnick revealed that one of those hurt was a child. All three were predicted to recover from their wounds.

According to O'Grodnick, there was a fight either inside the gym or next to the basketball court that led to the shooting.

The two gunmen then walked to the parking area, where they engaged in gunfire, according to O'Grodnick.

A man who the police claimed was a "probable suspect" was held, but

According to O'Grodnick, they are still attempting to ascertain whether he was a shooter