Nick Siriani can run hot at times but on Friday night he boiled over.

Jalen Hurts ran out of bounds to take a cheap shot too late from linebacker Quincy Williams,

Those were flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Siriani attacked the field and TV cameras caught him shouting abusive words on the side of the jets.

Soon after the hit - which Jets head coach Robert Saleh called "seriously terrifying"-

Left tackle Jordan Malata was the first Eagles player to hit Williams' face.

Just behind him were Len Johnson, Isaac Semalo and more.

Malata said, "When I'm on the field, I have a potty mouth. I can't repeat what I say.

Malata and the rest of the Eagles were cool and didn't let their emotions get the best of them...

Malata said he thought of giving her a good head butt as vengeance,

But his recent stint in the NFL's Concussion Protocol pretty quickly put an end to that idea.