After firing several of his employees, the CEO of a software business shared a photo of himself in tears on social media.

It led to his being mocked; via mockery, it was found that just two employees had lost their jobs.

HyperSocial founder Braden Walleck sent a lengthy statement to LinkedIn on Tuesday.

In which it was discussed how devastated it was about the firing of the staff.

He said, "I realize it's not professional to tell my colleagues I love them.

But I sincerely hope they understand how much I mean to them.

I can't conceive of a worse moment than this, he continued.

18 persons are listed as workers on the corporate website.

He acknowledged on Wednesday that only two of his staff members had lost their jobs.

The chief operating officer let go another employee together with his girlfriend Emily Chukta.

He said that his intention was to just convey his sentiments rather than minimize theirs.