Bachelor Nation's season of The Bachelorette will be led by Gabby Windy and Rachel Rackia.

Clayton Echard's co-runners-up are ready to go in search of love once again

After heartbreak in the season finale of The Bachelor, he was cast as the lead of The Bachelorette.

Now, they will date 32 men, who will try to win over the heart of one of them.

Host Jesse Palmer said the girls faced "tough conditions" throughout their season.

Season 19 of The Bachelorette debuted on March 26 at The Bachelor Mansion in Los Angeles.

The season will also take place on the Virgin Voyage Valiant Lady cruise ship, which will travel to Europe.

The show premieres July 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and is expected to air every Monday.

The episodes will be of two hours. While the season finale has yet to be announced,

There are normally 10 to 13 episodes for a season, so expect it to be in mid-September.

Classic episodes of Fantasy Suite, Hometown Dates, "Men Tell All" and "After Rose" specials will be included.

July 11 - Premiere 18 July - 2nd episode 25 July - 3rd episode Finale - Mid-September